Tales of Draloya

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Uncovered Truths
Session #3

Standing in the Harpies’ lair, the party had just vanquished the two monstrosities. Mystery was surrounding them as they had not yet explored or examined this place. Rolen eased his way out into the water to examine where the Koa-Toa surfaced, but when he stepped out into the water he was met with a unusual feeling. The ground was not giving way like mud or loose dirt, but instead felt like a sponge. It would bend at the weight of his steps but not break. As he approached the area of the surfacing he noticed a hole that revealed an underwater cavern. Meanwhile,“John” and Roric began examining the bodies of the fallen enemies, and found two magical scarfs. These scarfs granted the wearer the ability to breath underwater, through the addition of gills to their body. Roric quickly put one on and dove into the water to investigate the space and Rolen soon followed. They found that the small bit of land up above was being supported by a large column of earth shooting up from a murky below. Long vine like plants hang from the column and flow in the water about 30 feet in length. On these vines grow fairly large yellowish orbs, with a faint shadowy figure inside. Upon inspection they see the figure is small like a child. The two burst two of these pods open to find it is one has a child and the other a hybrid of one of the children blended with a Koa-Toa. These pods were being used to transform the children into the beasts they had been slaughtering. Shaken by this they acted quickly to save who they could, and brought the normal looking child to the surface to revive her. Above “John” began working on the child, while the other two were frantically retrieving more. One of the children they brought to the surface had been partially changed and lashed out at “John”, pinning him to the ground to attempt to bite his face. With quick thinking “John” through the beast aside and threw his dagger into her head. The other children looked in fear as they saw this part beast die by his blade. Below the surface the two searched for more survivors, but none were found. They swam lower and found a small opening to the column. Inside was a dimly lit tunnel with a ladder and crawl space to a separate room. Through The crawl space was a room full of rusty swords and weapons for the Harpies to give their Koa-Toa soldiers. There was also a small wooden chest sitting next to these weapon racks as well. Upon inspection Roric noticed a small wire, signalling a trap for unsuspecting raiders. However, he was unable to disarm it which released a loud bang and bright flash. Once the dust had settled and their site was back, the chest had opened and inside lay potions of healing. They collected the valuables they wanted and crawled back to the entrance, where they climbed the ladder to the upper room. This room was even more darkly lit and felt colder. On one side of the room stood a large stone statue to the Goddess of pain, the other a smoothed wall. After examining and deciphering the clues, Roric and Rolen knew one must be in pain to release the hidden door they had found. With a swift swing of his sword, Roric drove the blade into Rolen’s hand spilling blood into the offering plate under the statute. Suddenly the smooth wall behind them slid to the side revealing a secret chamber and a large wooden chest. Inside the chest lay a golden coin with blue markings on one side and red the other. Taking the coin to evaluate later the two made their way to the surface, and explained what they had seen. The party then decided they would need to rest before making the trip back to Black Willow or marching to Half-Held Bay to return those children home first, as they had walked through the night to get to the lair and were very tired. After their rest they made route for Black Willow, but knew they could not lead 11 children the same way they had gotten here. They decided to take a longer route, but a drier more stable terrain route instead. Along the way the party faced a few wild beasts and predators who felt threatened by the large group of humans. One being a large brown bear, but Roric stepped up to the beast and calmed it with his ability to speak with animals. The next encounter was with a pack of wild boar who charged the group of travelers. After a few exchanges of blows and fire, the boar laid dead and our heroes victorious. As they made their way into town, villagers spotted them with the group of children and began to run to meet them. Parents spilled out of their homes with tears of joy at the sight of their lost children. The town owed them a great deal. The inn keeper pulled the group aside and asked them what had happened. After explaining the events, the innkeeper thought it would be best not to tell the town at least not at the moment. As the town had been killing these Koa-Toa beasts that wandered back into their town at night, unknowingly killing the very children they had been longing to see….

Melody in the Mud
Session #2

Two more men come strolling into town to deal their normal business with the townspeople and its merchants, when they notice the Human dragging a small halfling and a tall skinny elf into the town center. They immediately rush over to investigate and tend to their wounds. Once they have stabilized Rolen and Gannon, they help “John” to his feet to find out what happened. “John” doesn’t share much but thanks them for their help. He walks off to the inn to rest up and grab a drink. Once Rolen awakes he finds “John” and thanks him for the favor of saving his life, and then approaches the innkeeper to see if he had any potions to buy. The innkeeper gives them the name of the local chemist, but warns him that the man has gone slightly mad after both his children were taken and his wife left him. The two men who came into town ask what is going on here and are given a summary of events to catch them up. They have been traveling between here and the northern town of Iragon hunting and trapping the wild life to sell. It has been a while since they were in Black Willow, and had not heard of the missing children. They both join the cause and the party settles in for the night to keep an eye out for any strange activity again. Sure enough that night“John” and Roric, a Wood Elf ranger and one of the two men who came into town that day, begin to hear the melody in the air just as they had last night. This time however they do not spot any figures moving in the night towards the swamp. They proceed to follow the melody into the swamp to find its source, and hopefully the children. As they march through the dark night and think swamp they encounter a group of Koa-Toa. However, with their strength in numbers they easily handle the group and keep moving onward. After another hour or two marching into the thick swamp Rolen feels a vibration in the satchel he is carrying the crystal ball in. When he opens the bag he sees a light glow and the eye he saw before looking back at him. He grabs it and holds it up to the darkness, and the eye looks around but then fades away. The other man who had walked into to town with Roric, Yoheim a Dwarf Paladin, hears a small splash behind him as he is bringing up the rear of the party. As he turns around to ready himself he prepares the rest of the party to fight. A large crocodile shoots out the water directly at Yoheim and clamps down its jaws on his shoulder. After much struggle to defeat the beast, Yoheim pulls back his ax and splits the crocodile down its side and its body falls limp. The party realized that the melody is stronger than it was back in town so they know they are on the right path. They march on till they suddenly run into a large rock structure. They follow the melody around the structure till they reach an opening in the wall, that goes in to reveal a large purple door. The large door has a golden knob and a small sign next to it saying “Knock Knock”. Upon knocking on the door it comes to life and asked the knocker “who’s there?”. Failing to grasp the doors riddle the party tries again and again. Right before the door was about to pounce and attack the party, Rolen walks up and touches the door. A pulse of arcane energy seems to calm the door and it asks him “Who is there?”, to which Rolen answers “Interrupting cow”. “Interrupting cow..” the Door replies, only to interrupted by Rolen with “Mooo.” The door begins to laugh and opens to the party, as the secret to this door was to have the spirit of a child. What they see in front of them is very long hallway and the melody louder then they have ever heard it before. Right before they enter they notice the ground is flat and dusty, as if many people have walked here before. Just then they hear scuffling of feet in the ground behind them, and spot a small crowd of children walking towards the door they are standing in. The party knowing the melody is originating down this hall and is luring the children in, immediately sprints down the hall to stop what every is making it. When they reach the end of the tunnel a smooth walled dome meets them, with a peninsula stretching from the hall to the center of the large room. As they walk to the center the melody is echoing all around them, and then it stops. A haggard looking creature rises from the water surrounding them. It screams out towards the group and Koa-Toa rise all around them and begin to march towards the part. As they fight off the Koa-Toa, the children have reached the hallway and are making their way to the room they are in. Once the last Koa-Toa Falls the haggard beast jumps in to defeat them, and is joined by another of its kind. After defeating one, it’s scream echos out into the room and causes the other to attach with more anger and hatred. Just as the beast seemed to be on its last bit of life, it seemed to gain strength back. The party notices that the children had made it to the room and were appearing to be drained of their life force. They party gave the beast every they had to defeat it before it was too late for the children. With one last blow from the fists of Gannon the Harpy fell and the children stopped. Fear and worry swept over the children’s faces as they realized they were far from home. “John” runs over the children and begins to try and comfort them, assuring them that they would return to Black Willow safe. As he finished this sentence one small boy raised his hand and said “But i’m not from Black Willow…..”

The Threshold of Destiny
Session #1

The party starts by finding themselves in an armored caravan heading toward the City of Drotisium, to serve their sentences of crime. They are in jail cell clothing and have no belongings of their own, besides some small trinket they may have hidden away. The armored car gets attacked by a large winged beast. The party inside the car hears screams of pain and agony from outside. Then the car itself gets picked up and thrown to the ground. One of the other passengers tries to make a run for it when a large beak comes down and eats the man. The rest of the group waits till they hear the beast fly away before they emerge. Once out they see the horror and gore spewed about the grass and road. They loot what they can and make a break for the near by forest, continuing down the road they were on. After a few hours of walking in the forest they reach a fork, one way leading onward to Drotisium and the other to a place called Black Willow. After some slight debate the party decides to stop in Black Willow to gather themselves and rest. They are greeted by a old man who claims to be the town friar and leads them into town. He shows them to the inn/tavern and introduces them to the owner. As they rested in the tavern, a man ran in the room screaming about how “they” took his daughter. One person in the group,“John”, the Human Rouge, approaches the man and very brashly inquires about the disappearance. The man not liking “John”’s tone and approach to him, becomes very stand offish and does not reveal much. The inn owner however discloses that the town has been experiencing some weird phenomenon that has been causing the children of the town to disappear in the night. No one that has gone out in search of them had ever returned, so the town had started to lose hope. “John”, being very familiar with the loss of family, swears that he will find the missing children and return them to their parents. However, not before telling everyone in the tavern they are cowards for not acting on this themselves. They begin asking around town for information on where the children may have gone. The inn keeper reveals to them that a gypsy women had recently moved on the outskirts of town, but that his problem had started before she arrived. The party decides that they should go talk with her right away, as she is on the edge of the town and maybe has seen the children disappearing. Before they leave to visit the gypsy, they decide they should have the blacksmith make them some weapons since they have barely any from the guards they looted. When they approach her hut, they notice how worn down it is, with moss and dirt all over the outside. A one eyed old lady answers the door and begins to yell at the party for disturbing her way out here. They explain the reason for their visit and she confirms she has some info to share. She hears a light melody from the swamp some nights, and the next morning will see small footprints lead to the water and disappear into the mud and water. After they are done speaking with her she quickly makes them leave and they begin their walk back to town. As they walk away,“John” notices a small flash originate from behind them. They look back and see the hut is in far worse condition then it just was and it appears cold and empty. Upon a quick investigation they see that it looks abandoned. When they reach town again they talk with the Innkeeper and get a description of what the gypsy looks like. What they innkeeper describes is not who they just talked to. They agree to look into that more later, but need to rest for the next day. That night during one of the party members watch, Rolen, the High Elf Sorcerer, a melody begins to play in the air. As Rolen peered out the window into the streets he spots two small figures running towards the swamp. They party acts quickly and begins to head out of the inn to try and keep up. As they leave the inn however the melody becomes louder and “John” quickly puts some candle wax he had picked up earlier into his ears to block the sound. It successfully blocks the melodies effect, but impairs their sense of hearing. As they make their way into the swamp to follow the figures Rolen volunteers to stay back and keep an eye on the town. The other two members, “John” and Gannon, the Halfling Monk, pursue the figures into the dark swamp. As they trek through the swamp they come across a Koa-Toa wondering about. After ambushing the beast and losing the trail of the the figures, they drag the Koa-Toa back to the village, where they leave it against the large Black Willow tree in the center of town. They awake in the morning to the town wondering where the beast came from and more stories of children disappearing. “John” angry that he let two more children be taken away, goes to the blacksmith the grab the gear to begin the hunt. He decides to wait for it to be done, while the other two go back to the Gypsy’s hut to investigate. When they arrive at the hut it appears at they saw it last, decayed and broken. When they enter the hut they see the place is covered with dust and appears no one has been here in months. One part is untouched by this filth, a lone crystal ball. It sits perfectly clean on a stand on the table in the middle of the room. Rolen walks up to investigates it and sees an eye looking back at him. The eye seems to be looking around the room and then begins to motion his gaze to a bookshelf in the corner of the hut. The two decide to get “John” and return with the full party to investigate, and when they return with him the crystal ball is gone. However a set of footprints leads from the bookcase to the table and back. They are small footprints, not much bigger than a child. After looking at the bookcase they find that it opens up to reveal a staircase down into a cellar. In the cellar they find a small creature in the corner hunched over something mumbling to itself. As they approach the creature turns and attacks them, it is a dark gnome. During their encounter the dark gnome whistles down a tunnel the group did not notice, and two more dark gnomes come out of it. The party all falls unconscious except “John”, who deals the last blow the remaining dark gnome. He himself barely holding on to his consciousness, grabs the crystal orb and drags the other two into town where he collapses from exhaustion.


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