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The Gods of the Pantheon

Quodprimus “The First”

Vemedes God of Creation
  • The First God, and creator of everything. He is a fair and impartial person. No matter which side, good or bad, he will bring it into balance if it becomes too powerful. He can be harsh, but knows the limits he should not cross.
  • His domains are: Creation, Law, & Balance.
Votune Goddess of Compassion
  • The first Goddess, and companion to Vemedes. She is compassionate and loving of all life. She helps keep Vemedes happy and in turn helps keep the world happy. With her compassion comes animosity if you harm any things she holds dear.
  • Her domains are: Compassion, Motherhood, & Protection.

Quodhexa “The Six”

Ulaa Goddess of the Earth
  • The goddess of earth is the oldest of the children, and she was given the largest job. She was to watch over all the land, to protect it from harm both to others and its self.
  • Her domains are: Earth, Agriculture, & Feasts.
Umberlee Goddess of Water
  • The goddess of water is fierce and loving god. She is nurturing and caring for all life, but if forsaken can be merciless and cruel. She brings balance to the waters of the world, from the oceans and seas to the rivers and lakes.
  • Her domains are: Water, Exploration, & Trade.
Silvanus God of Nature
  • The first male god of the children, and he was made to be powerful. Though his power is not as swift as his sisters, his force is ever constant. He is very intelligent and cunning, using tactics and his wits to his advantage.
  • His domains are: Nature, Seasons, & Friendship.
Selune Goddess of the Moon
  • The goddess of the moon is the youngest of the sisters and the most beautiful. She roams the world during the night and is only seen by some. The rumors is that her beauty is paralyzing.
  • Her domains are: The Moon, The Arcane, & Knowledge.
Celestian God of the Stars
  • The god of the stars is the most handsome of the male children. He fills the sky and was given job to ensure the sun moves through the sky during the day and to be the is the guardian of light.
  • His domains are: The Stars, Community, & Light.
Malor God of the Hunt
  • The god of the hunt and beasts is the most powerful in terms of strength and might. He is is power in its truest form, as a protector of the wild beasts of the earth. He is also the guardian of the hunt, as he watches over man hunts for survival.
  • His domains are: Hunting, Beasts, & Survival.

Quodprognati “The Descendants”

Cothras God of War
  • The God of War is a ferocious one. Believing that the only way to prove ones self is through adversity and strength. He encourages all life to fight for what they want, and prove they are worthy to own it. He favors those who show these qualities and enjoys watching the destruction they leave behind them.
  • His domains are: War, Courage, & Destruction.
Naloe Goddess of Wisdom
  • The Goddess of Wisdom is a elegant and sophisticated god. She spends her time watching over those who seek answers in the world. She encourages beings to be patient and kind to one another, as this offers the best outcomes for all. She is not a fool however, she knows the time and place for conflict. She uses her wisdom to make quick and devastating blows to her enemies that are efficient.
  • Her domains are: Wisdom, Strategy, & Peace.
Lovitar Goddess of Pain
  • The Goddess of Pain is a wretched and horrible god, as she feeds off the pain and loss of others. She lingers in the darkest reaches of the world and searches for fear. If directly crossed, she will bring what can only be described as absolute fear and darkness upon her enemies.
  • Her domains are: Pain, Death, & Fear.
Medicus God of Health
  • The God of Health is a happy and caring god. Offering those who seek great insight and joy in their lives. He watches over those who seek honor in their lives and protects them as best he can. He brings great health to those near him and rejuvenates everything around him.
  • His domains are: Health, Destiny, & Honor.
Ugtune the Goddess of Beauty
  • The Goddess of Beauty is just that, the most beautiful being in all of existence. No being has seen her face and been heard from again, as the mere sight of her brings on euphoria so great nothing else matters. She encourages beings to love and share in the pleasures of the flesh as they should enjoy the beauty around them.
  • Her domains are: Love, Beauty, & Lust.
Iclios the God of Fire
  • The God of Fire is a stout and hardy god. He watches over those who wish to make a life for themselves and craft what they need to survive. He spends his time in the forge of the gods, crafting great weapons and armor for them. He is known to share his skill with some beings, giving them the power to imbue their creations with minor power. He seeks to protect life and offer them the tools they need to survive.
  • His domains are: Craft, Forge, & Fire.

Quodsefeit “The Selfmade”

Dartrow the God of Darkness
  • Once a champion to the gods, now a evil dark god. He fought for the gods in the great Divine Rupture, but afterwards spent his time growing his power to match the gods. He sits in a pocket plane of existence plotting his revenge on those who wronged him. He once commanded the greatest single army ever seen in Draloya. One that nearly stomped out man from existence. His following was forced into hiding, as it became illegal to worship his evil. He is the darkness at night that creeps up behind you, he is the fear you feel when all hope is gone, and he is the patron to all of your nightmares.
  • HIs domains are: Darkness, Monsters, and Fear

The Pantheon

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